As of 2/1/23 the Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) program has changed. Earn up to $20 daily in DUFB to use on your next visit instead of up to $10 off the same day.

The co-op is continuing to partner with Field and Fork Network to improve affordable access to fresh fruits and vegetables through the DUFB Program for SNAP participants. 

How it works: Spend. Earn. Redeem. 

The program is now an “earn and redeem” model in which participants have the flexibility in their food budgets and can earn “bucks” to spend on their next visit.

Spend: Buy produce at either Lexington Co-op location.

Earn: DUFB at a dollar for dollar match, up to $20 per day.

Redeem: Anytime that works best for you.

Spend $1, Earn $1 

Earn up to $20 per day in FREE fresh produce! 

Choose how much you use: 

There is no limit on how much you can redeem. The amount you can earn each day is capped at $20, but there is no cap to redeem. Whether you have $5 in DUFB or $100 in DUFB, you can use your entire balance to buy the produce you need. 

Choose when you use: 

Redeem DUFB any time within 1 year. Use any portion of your balance toward any produce transaction. Save and redeem when it works best for you. 

How to Renew or Register for 2023 

We need your information for you to continue participating in the program or if you are new to the program. Please visit this link or click the button below:

As of 2/1/23, discount coupon cards will no longer be used at the register. Instead, after signing up, any time you use your SNAP benefits with your EBT Card to purchase produce at a Lexington Co-op location, you can earn an equal value of DUFB, up to $20 per day. 

How to earn and redeem Double Up Food Bucks starting 2/1/23.

After you are enrolled and ready to purchase some fresh fruits and veggies, let your cashier know your name or owner number to earn and redeem DUFB. 

You can ask cashiers for your balance before or during your transaction.

Check your receipt for your DUFB balance.

You can redeem any portion of your entire balance during any transaction at any time. The amount you can earn each day is capped at $20, but there is no cap to redeem. 

 For example, if you have $50 in DUFB, you can choose to: 

  • Not use any of it! Save it and use it at a time that works best for you 
  • Use only a portion of it in any amount  
  • Use the entire $50 

DUFB are not refundable for cash nor are they transferable, and they expire after 1 year. 

The eligible product list has been expanded. 

In addition to fresh whole fruit and vegetables, participants can now also purchase minimally processed produce like pre-chopped fruits and vegetables, which were previously ineligible.  

Items that don’t qualify for DUFB: salad bar, juices, every non-produce item. 

Items that qualify: cut fruit, fresh fruits and veggies, fresh herbs, vegetable and herb seedlings. 

You don’t have to be an owner so shop at Lexington Co-op! Everyone is welcome to shop our stores. We’re open from 7am-9pm daily with two locations:

  • 807 Elmwood Ave (in the Elmwood Village near Lancaster)
  • 1678 Hertel Ave (in North Buffalo near Starin)

Questions: email

For more information about the Double Up Food Bucks program in New York State- please visit