Become an Owner

The Co-op is owned by its members,

this means that it is owned and democratically controlled by the people who shop in the store. Everyone is invited to shop here, but our owners are the heart of the co-op! Member-owners invest $80 onetime for an owner’s share. There are many benefits to being an owner (see below), and it’s just plain fun. We’d love to have you!

Benefits of Ownership

Besides becoming an owner of the best natural foods grocery store in Buffalo, you receive great benefits such as…

  • 15% off Everyday Bulk Pantry Basics
  • Monthly Owner Deals throughout Grocery and Wellness.
  • 10% off during our Owner Appreciation Days twice a year
  • 20% off special orders (by the case)
  • Patronage Dividends: We return profits back to owners in proportion to your purchases during any profitable year
  • Vote to elect Lexington’s Board of Directors and any policy changes
  • Eligibility to join the Buffalo Cooperative Community Federal Credit Union

…all on top of pride in ownership, and knowing the thousands of your neighbors and friends are all connected in building community here in WNY.

It’s easy to join!

Our ownership application is available here online, at the Customer Service Desk or from any cashier in the store. You can join by mailing your application or bring it in with your $80 payment. For payment options; you can pay the full $80 at once, or use a payment plan with a minimum $20 payment (you’ll have to come in the store to use this option) .

Pay in full and receive a canvas Lexington Co-op bag. Join us today, we’d love to have you!

Change of Address

If you have moved, or changed any of your personal information, please fill out this form to help us keep our records up to date. Thank you!

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