Lexi’s Catering

Easy Apps

Kimchi Fritters. A one of a kind co-op creation, Kimchi Fritters provide a tangy, yet crispy bite. Paired with a sriracha dipping sauce. $15.99 10-piece, $27.99 20-piece

App Platter. Serve up four co-op favorites with a tray of Ru’s potato cheddar pierogi, buffalo tofu nuggets, chicken fingers, and kimchi fritters. Paired with a variety of dipping sauces. $27.99 24-piece, $39.99-48 piece

Chicken Wing Dip. A hometown favorite! LOCAL FreeBird chicken, Frank’s Hot Sauce and Cabot Cheese come together to make a creamy dip with a little kick. $13.99 serves 6-8

Guacamole. Lexi’s fresh made guac is an instant crowd favorite. We’ll do all the avocado mashing, you bring the chips! Made with organic, fair trade avocados. $15.99 serves 6-8

Pork Potstickers. Snack out of the box with a party tray of pork potstickers served alongside a traditional Asian dipping sauce. $15.99 10-piece, $27.99 20-piece

Ru’s Potato Cheddar Pierogi. LOCAL favorite Ru’s Pierogi is packed with rich cheddar and classic potatoes. Served with sour cream. $27.99 20-piece

Co-op Classics

Buffalo Tofu Nuggets. Co-op Signature Dish! Tofu nuggets are tossed in Frank’s Hot Sauce and fried to crispy perfection. Served with house made vegan bleu cheese. $15.99 20-piece, $24.99 40-piece

Chicken Fingers. Panko breaded LOCAL, all natural, and antibiotic free FreeBird chicken tenders are served with our house made dipping sauce. $27.99 15-piece, $39.99 30-piece

Chicken Wings. LOCAL, all natural, and antibiotic free FreeBird chicken wings are cooked to perfection and tossed in your favorite sauces. Served with celery and bleu cheese. Choose from garlic parm, classic buffalo, or BBQ. $19.99 20-piece, $27.99 30-piece

Mac & Cheese. Here’s the dish everyone at your party will dive into- kids AND adults! The creamy, rich cheddar comes from Cabot Creamery, a fellow co-op! $12.99 serves 6-8

Vegan Mac & Cheese. Our house made recipe gives you all the creamy goodness of this classic comfort dish, without the dairy!
$12.99 serves 6-8

Simple Entertaining

Celebration Cheese Tray. Prairie Breeze, Merlot BellaVitano, Point Reyes Blue, Manchego, Brie la Crème de la Crème, Marcona Almonds, dried cranberries, white Turkish figs, and mini toasts. $27.99 serves 10

Classic Cheese & Pepperoni. New York State McAdam cheese cubes and LOCAL Battistoni Pepperoni. $14.99 serves 8

Signature Charcuterie. MontAmore, Piave Vecchio, Reverie Luna, Casatica di Bufala, chorizo salame, sopressa salame, dried balaton cherries, dried apricots, mini toasts. $29.99 serves 10

Vegetable Tray. Gather your crowd around a fresh assortment of celery, carrots, cauliflower, tomatoes, zucchini, bell peppers and broccoli. $15.99 serves 8-10

Sweets to Cheer For

9” Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake. Crumbly, soft and loaded with chocolate, our made-from-scratch cookie cakes will be the life of the party. Available traditional or vegan! $15.99 serves 8-10

Dessert Tray. Four of our made-from- scratch favorites are bite size and ready to party. Featuring blueberry bars, brownies, lemon squares, and fudgy oat bars. $19.99 48-piece


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  • Please place order 48 hours before pick up
  • All dishes are pre-cooked and will include heating instructions