If you’ve ever wanted labels for GMO foods, this is a crucial time to take action.

The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act (SAFLA) would block GMO labeling nationwide, and nullify all current state labeling laws. It is expected to go to vote in the House of Representatives NEXT WEEK. If it passes there, it could gain significant momentum, so it’s important to contact your representatives now and tell them to oppose SAFLA.

Personal emails and phone calls are most effective. Why? Citizens who take time to make personal contact about issues are also most likely to vote in an election. Your elected officials have a duty to represent YOU. Tell them how to do it! 

Read more about the issue here.

Caitlin from our Merchandising department took the time to make a call. Here’s how it’s done:


1. Find your reps. “I used govtrack.us – I just entered my address! 

2. Jot down a few points. “I wrote a little script so I would be able to reference the bill information and I wouldn’t stumble if I got nervous. Here are my notes from my call to Rep. Higgins’ office:

  • ‘Hi, I’m a constituent of Representative Higgins, and I’m calling about H.R. 1599, The Safe and Accurate Food Handling Act.’ 
  • ‘I think labeling of food is important so I have the information I need to choose whether or not to eat GMOs. Companies should have to stand behind their ingredients.‘ 
  • ‘H.R. 1599 conceals GMO ingredients, and rolls back the labeling laws that  were democratically voted in by citizens in several states in the country.‘

3.  Make the call. “Rep. Higgins’ staffer Theresa asked for my address and listened to my points. We chatted a bit about GMOs, and I asked about where Representative Higgins stands on the issue. Theresa wasn’t sure, but she wanted to find out and get back to me. She took my contact information, thanked me for my call, and said she’d be passing on my comments.”

First time caller?

Lawmakers’ staff are there to listen! They are trained to listen to your viewpoint and convey it to your representative—they will not debate or challenge you.