To Hertel With Love

Your Co-op at 1678 Hertel Ave. is starting to look like home! The red brick facade is (mostly) up and work on the roof continues. It has been a fun few months watching the progress from the street but soon outside progress will slow down because the action is heading inside! One of the first steps in this next phase of construction is pouring a new foundation. We know the true foundation of our Co-op is our customers, community, and owners so as we expand to our second store we want to carry all that love and support with us- in the form of love notes!



We are asking you to write us a short note with your hopes, wishes, and advice as we embark on this exciting new adventure. These love notes will be be taken to our Hertel store and laid in the foundation as it is poured. Your positive vibes and well wishes will forever be cemented in your store. You can write your note at the Customer Service Desk or email your thoughts to (they will be printed and added!)


Our friends at Wheatsville Food Co-op completed a project like this a few years ago check it out!