Phase Three of Construction Underway!

This morning some Co-op staff went to 1678 Hertel Ave to lay your love notes into the soon-to-be foundation of your second store! Tim Bartlett, General Manager, welcomed media to see how we are forever cementing the commitment, and dedication of our community into the foundation of our new store. Over 60 love notes were collected from staff, owners, shoppers, and our community partners, which makes this final phase of construction so surreal. What began more than two years ago as a dream is finally becoming concrete- literally!

Keep checking back for the latest on the project- because it will be hard to see progress from the outside. Most of the final work is happening inside our Hertel Store, AND inside our Elmwood store in training staff, streamlining processes, and preparing for this exciting expansion.

To our soon-to-be neighbors in North Buffalo, we can’t wait- and if you can wait just a little longer your Lexington Co-op will be open soon!