Hertel Construction Sneak Peek

We are right around 100 days until opening your Hertel store! While we are certainly not trying to wish away our spring and summer, we know those 100 days are going to come fast. Here is a quick update of what has been going on this past month at 1678 Hertel Ave.


Window Banners. In case our North Buffalo neighbors didn’t know we were coming, they sure do now! Large posters were hung in all 20 (yes, 20!) front windows of the store. Not only do we want everyone to know we’re headin’ to Hertel but we want to keep the sneak-peekers at bay while construction is underway.

Drywall and Ductwork. These two photos were taken just over a week apart. This is the view from the entrance of the store. On the left are the front windows that will lead back to the indoor cafe. The middle of the photo is where the registers will be placed and the view will be looking straight back at Lexi’s Kitchen. The wall on the right will be produce leading to the bulk section, which will feature nut butter grinders! Contractors, sometimes 30+ a day, have been on site all month long working on the things that are essential but not visible like insulation, electrical, plumbing, and heating/cooling systems.



Lexi’s Kitchen. Take a look behind the scenes at Lexi’s Kitchen. Our chefs and bakers will have an expanded kitchen area with all new appliances. There is still drywall to be put up sealing off the far end of the kitchen from the seating area.


Look for more updates as construction continues, there will certainly be a lot to tell you about. In the meantime keep in mind that we are still hiring to fill positions at both Hertel and Elmwood ahead of the Grand Opening. If you or someone you know is friendly, hardworking, and passionate about food, please apply!