Happy New Year!

THANK YOU OWNERS! I received this voicemail the other day that summed up the bulk of the feedback we’ve received on our remodel. “Hello Tim, this is owner number 8012. I was in the store this morning and I just want to tell you I was blown away. It is absolutely gorgeous. The food is gorgeous. The appointments are gorgeous. Everything is just so lovely. I didn’t come in during the time of the renovation because I’m older and I hate change. But I must tell you this was well worth every effort that went into it.” I am thrilled to report that the remodel of our 807 Elmwood store is complete! And once again, I want to say THANK YOU to all of our owners for making it happen. It was our owners who gave us our BIG Direction goal of a thriving co-op in every community that wants one, and made it clear that a great store in the Elmwood Village was the first priority. It was our owners who invested their $80 to purchase a share in the store; and the combined investment of the owners who have joined since our move to Elmwood paid for this remodel. And it was our owners who kept our fires burning with tons of positive feedback throughout, despite the moved-around aisles and shrunken parking lot. Within the next few months, we hope to be announcing a lease on our second store; the next step in our BIG Direction plan to create a world with more access to local food, more co-op economy, and more happy knowledgeable people. But for now, we pause to say thank you and congratulations. This remodel, this store, this co-op is a true community accomplishment, and we the staff feel so lucky to act as stewards on your behalf. Happy New Year! Tim Bartlett, General Manager