A HUGE Hertel Thank You!

We welcomed 400+ owners, investors, and friends to your Hertel Ave Store for a Sneak Peek party. Guests were treated to a store tour, music, and snacks from a few of our favorite local vendors. Opening our second store is truly a community accomplishment and for that we want to say THANK YOU!

Thank You Owners! We were created 46 years ago by people who wanted access to fresh, seasonal, and organic foods, and have grown into the store we are today in large part because of our 15,000 owners.

Thank You Farmers and Producers We have been fortunate through our history to work with some excellent farmers and producers to bring the best local foods and products to our customers. Our Co-op thrives because of all the incredible people growing and making delicious food for us to sell!

Thank you Staff & Support Team We are grateful to our hardworking staff and all the contractors who have worked so hard to get this second store ready for you.

Show Your Co-op Pride! Pick up a lawn sign at your Elmwood Ave store and put your Co-op love on display for all of your neighbors to see. PS. They’re free to a good lawn!


“As we prepare for this exciting new chapter in our history, we thank you all for making this Co-op such a dynamic and wonderful organization. I hope to see you July 12 as we celebrate your new store!” -Tim Bartlett, General Manager