Join a Great Team!

We’re a community owned neighborhood grocery store.  We believe that our co-op owners deserve a phenomenal store to shop in.  One that is easy, fun to shop, and genuinely friendly. It means making delicious local, seasonal & sustainable food accessible to our community. It means supporting our local and co-operative economies. It means giving back to our community and creating a great place to work.

A little more about what it’s like to work at the Co-op:

We love our work.  We work hard and enjoy being grocers.   

We’re friendly, humble, generous, and embracing of our diverse community.

We act with honesty, kindness and respect.  We tell the truth to our owners, staff, and purveyors.

We get better and push the co-op to get better every day. We strive to be the best grocers in the country.

We are committed to the co-op and put the long term needs of our owners first in our decision making.

We love food.  We love eating it, displaying it, preparing it, talking about it and most of all, sharing delicious food with others.

Our BIG Direction is our plan to foster or create a thriving co-op in every community that wants one by 2050.  We work to balance the needs of our key stakeholders, with fair prices for customers, fair wages to staff and fair prices for farmers. We help our owners buy products that meet their needs and make choices that align with their values.  Our team of staff works daily to create the systems that allow us to effectively compete with some of our nation’s best run grocers.  If all of this sounds like a fun, we’d love to have you apply.

1. Be friendly

We’re community owned and powered by friendliness, so we’re looking for the friendliest people to join our team.

2. Be flexible

We are a retail grocery store. That means we’re here working around the clock seven days a week, including most holidays.

3. Be Focused

Only apply for jobs that: you are interested in & qualified for.

4. Be a good candidate

Read and understand all job qualifications. Tell us your compelling story with a complete profile and your resume