Union Vote Passes

To Our Community,

Yesterday our staff voted overwhelmingly to be represented by Worker’s United in the collective bargaining process. The result of the election was 56 YES votes and 20 NO votes.  

We are excited to welcome Workers United as a new partner in our workplace. 

We recognize the benefits of unions, and that both the Labor Movement and the Cooperative Movement share a long history aligned in social justice goals. Both movements provide structures for joining people together to meet their mutual needs. We look forward to continuing to learn how we can harness the power of the collective bargaining process to make our great workplace even better. 

As we move forward together, our mission and vision remain the same. Our shared purpose is to build a strong, equitable local food system in which local, sustainable food is accessible to all and all stakeholders are thriving – consumers, workers, and producers.

With the new year upon us, it feels like a great time to start fresh. Whether you are an owner, investor, shopper, neighbor, vendor, farmer, or someone new to the co-op, we are excited to move forward on this journey with you.

In cooperation, 
Tim Bartlett