It’s Citrus Season!

Our stores are piled high with oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruits.

Sunkist Citrus

A lot of our citrus comes from Sunkist. They are the longest standing agricultural co-op in the country! They’ve been a co-op since 1893 and have farmer-owners that date back five generations.

Sunkist is not only committed to delivering fresh citrus, they are committed to protecting and preserving the land and environment in and around their groves.

When you stop in, take a look at those Sunkist crates! They are original citrus shipping crates that date back to the 1930s!

Meet Our Citrus Expert

We are fortunate to have the help and guidance of citrus expert Brian Dey of Four Seasons Produce! He is a regular visitor at the co-op to assist in building displays and sharing his wealth of knowledge with our staff and customers.

Citrus Deals