Valentine Sweets 101

The best Valentine?  One you can eat!  Cook-along with Lexi’s Kitchen experienced baker Rachel to make chocolate-covered Tuxedo Strawberries, then sit back and relax as she demonstrates how to create delectable chocolate truffles! Register now, and prepare for class with this handy guide, which includes a video tutorial on how to set up a double boiler to melt chocolate.

Chocolate Truffles

• 2 cups semisweet chocolate
• 1 cup heavy cream
• 2 Tablespoons butter
• 1-2 teaspoons flavoring
• 2 cups semisweet chocolate
• 1 tsp canola oil

  1. Heat cream in small saucepan or skillet until just coming to a boil.
  2. Add 2 cups chocolate and whisk until incorporated. Add butter and flavoring and mix until smooth.
  3. Pour into shallow baking dish and refrigerate until fully set.
  4. Using a small metal scoop or melon baller, scoop truffles onto parchment lined tray and then roll into spheres quickly, as to not melt the ganache.
  5. Refrigerate spheres and melt chocolate over a double boiler with canola oil.
  6. Dip truffles into chocolate, coat using a fork, and set on parchment lined tray. Decorate as desired. Enjoy!