Lexington Co-op Community Fund

In 2015 Lexington Co-op partnered up with Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation to establish the Lexington Co-op Community Fund (LCCF). This fund works to strengthen co-ops internationally and locally through both lending and donations.

When money is donated to the LCCF the principal funds are loaned to co-ops. Funds have been loaned to co-ops including Equal Exchange, Organic Valley and Frontier Co-op. Borrowing co-ops can use the funds as working capital or for improvements and expansions.  

The loaned funds accrue interest for the LCCF. These funds are then donated to local co-ops and non-profits. In the past, LCCF interest has been donated to the East Aurora Co-op Market, African Heritage Food Co-op, Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper and other local organizations.

The Lexington Co-op Community Fund leverages the power of community to help establish and grow co-ops around the world while investing in local co-ops and non-profits in our community.