Avocado Blitz!

We’re taking some time to celebrate one of the most trendy and versatile fruits (yes it’s a fruit) the avocado!

Note: Avocado Blitsz was January 21-26- the sale is over!

Event Schedule


1/22 5-7pm – The Kitchen Twins

1/23 8-10am – Lexi’s Avocado Chocolate Chip Muffins

1/23 4:30-6:30 – Avocado Toast

1/24 – 4:30-6:30 – Avocado Crema + Lexi’s Kim Chi Fritters

1/24 – 4:30-6:30 – Top Seedz + Lexi’s Guacamole

1/25 10-12pm – Equal Exchange + Lexi’s Guacamole

1/25 – 12-4pm – Guacamole Making Demo


1/23 11-2pm – Avocado Toast

1/23 4:30-6:30pm – Che Garcia Chimichurri Avocado Toast

1/23 5-7pm – The Kitchen Twins

1/24 11:30-2:30 – Avocado Toast

1/24 4:30- 11:30-1:30pm – Avocado Crema + Lexi’s Kim Chi Fritters

1/25 12-4pm – Guacamole Making Demo

Avocado Tips

  • Gently squeeze in the palm of your hand. They are ripe when it is firm but will yield to slight pressure.
  • Speed up ripening by placing the fruit in a brown paper bag with apples. Leave at room temperature until ready. The more apples you add, the faster they will ripen due to the ethylene in the apples.
  • Ripe avocados should be stored in the refrigerator
  • Once cut, you can sprinkle your avocado with lemon juice and place it in an airtight container in the fridge.
  • Shake your avocado, if it rattles, it’s time to toss it!

Chicken Stuffed Avocados
photo/recipe: howsweeteats.com


Chicken Stuffed Avocados

5 avocados
1½ C shredded chicken, cooked *
1/2 C cherry tomatoes, chopped
1/3 cup cheddar cheese
2 green onions, sliced
3 T cilantro, chopped
½ t chili powder
½ t smoked paprika
½ t garlic powder
¼ t cumin
salt and pepper to taste

Preheat the oven to 350°. Cut the avocados in half and scoop out some of the flesh from each one for your stuffing. In a bowl add all the ingredients to your avocado mix well. Scoop out your stuffing and add to the avocado halves. Sprinkle cheese over top. Bake for 15-20 minutes.

*Go Meatless! Substitute chicken with Quorn Naked Cutlets

Lexi’s Guacamole

3 ripe avocados
¼ red onion, diced
½ lime, juiced
3 T chopped cilantro
½ tsp salt, to taste
pinch of ground pepper

Prep onion, cilantro and lime juice. Cut avocados in half and remove pits. Scoop out flesh and place in a bowl. Add all other ingredients and mash to combine with a fork or potato masher. Adjust any seasonings to taste.

Avocado Mayo

1 avocado
¼ cup canned chickpea brine
3 cloves garlic
juice of ½ lemon
salt to taste

Combine the avocado, garlic, and lemon juice in a food processor. Slowly add the chickpea brine until mixture is the consistency of mayo. Serve immediately.

Avocado Smoothie

½ of a avocado
1½ cups cold milk of choice
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
Sweetener of choice to taste
1/8 tsp salt
scoop of protein powder (optional)

Blend all ingredients until completely smooth.
Serve cold.

Natural Avocado Dye

Boil avocado pits and skins. Let simmer for 30 minutes. Add fabrics and linens for a great pale pink color! The more avocados the deeper the color.

Avocado Face Mask

1/2 avocado
1 whole egg
1T Greek yogurt
1t baking soda
1t coconut oil.

Combine in blender. Apply to skin and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Rinse with water.

Cobb Salad Avocado Toast
photo/recipe: thekitchn.com

Avocado Toast Inspiration

• Goat cheese and chives

• Chicken, blue cheese, Frank’s Hot Sauce and celery

• Smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers and dill

• Procuitto, asparagus, Parmesan and pine nuts

• Tomatoes, basil and balsamic drizzle

• Cucumber, lime juice, red pepper flakes and tahini

• Arugula, hard boiled egg, corn, cheddar, tomatoes and bacon

Toast can become an easy appetizer by swapping your bread for crostini or slices of baguette.

Avo-toast rookie? It’s simple. Toast up some bread. Mash up an avocado to your desired consistency and add salt to taste.