Citrus Bliss

Peel away the winter chill and bask in some citrus sunshine at your Co-op! This season we will be featuring over 20 varieties of citrus (who knew there could be so many varieties of oranges!). Check them out on this post, or print yourself this handy, dandy guide.


  • Blood Orange- taste is reminiscent of raspberries, plums and pomegranates
  • Cara Cara Orange- tangy with hints of blackberry or cranberry
  • Clementine- tart, tangy and slightly sweet
  • Heirloom Navel- unaltered genetics that come from original West Coast orange groves
  • Lou Lou Navel- lower in acid and the sweetest of all navel varieties
  • Navel Orange- rich, juicy, traditional orange flavor
  • Sumo Orange- strong orange-y aroma and taste
  • Valencia Orange- best juicing orange

Lemons & Limes

  • Lemon- sour, use for cooking, juicing or zesting
  • Lime- bold and slightly sour, great for garnishing drinks or zesting
  • Key Lime- acidic with a strong aroma and flavor
  • Meyer Lemon- strong lemon flavor but with less of a sour bite due to its cross with a mandarin
  • Limequat- a cross between a key lime and kumquat with a taste more similar to a mild lime


  • Melogold Grapefruit- grapefruit/pummelo cross with a sweet and juicy flavor
  • Ruby Red Grapefruit– tangy, sweet and packed with antioxidants
  • White Grapefruit- grapefruit/pummelo cross with a blended sweet/bitter taste

Mandarins & Tangerines

  • Halos Mandarins- a sweet juicy and seedless snack
  • Honey Tangerine- juiciest and sweetest variety of tangerine with a concentrated fruity flavor
  • Minneola Tangelo- a cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit with a tangy and juicy taste
  • Honeybell Tangelo- extremely juicy and intensely sweet
  • Satsuma Mandarin- sweetest of all citrus, perfect for juicing


  • Buddha’s Hand- it’s all rind, which makes it perfect for zesting
  • Nagami Kumquat– sweet peel with a sour inside, eat them whole
  • Pomelo/Pummelo– balanced sweet and tart taste similar to grapefruit

Join us at the 3rd Annual CitrusFest on January 11 & 12 from 11am-2pm. Taste many of these citrus varieties and save on some of your favorites!