Annual Meeting and Co-op Fair Wrap Up!

We welcomed owners and customers to our first Annual Meeting and Co-op Fair on October 20th, 2019 at the Hertel location. All around the store we had stations of information, vendors, other co-ops and food tastings showcasing the connection between the co-op’s values and how your purchases make a difference in our communities.

Heather Lazickas , board member helps explain the Lexington Co-op Community Fund

We gave kitchen tours to owners so owners and customers alike could see where all the magic happens. The co-op chooses to make foods that reflect our values using quality ingredients including local, organic and Fair Trade products when we can.

We bake all our baked goods on premises from scratch using organic flour and sugar and local fruits. Watching the pies crusts get pressed was a highlight. Then we ate Pumpkin Chocolate Swirl Pie and Vegan Apple Pie. Yum!

People were able to taste foods, ask questions and give their feedback on ways to make the co-op better!

Our board members and staff told stories of how the co-op’s foods and your choices impact our local economy and fair trade throughout the world.