Native Offerings Farm Rebuild


Last month our Co-op community raised $11,471 for Native Offerings Farms. In early December the farm was lost in a devastating fire, which claimed twenty-five years of farming, equipment, and tools in hours. General Manager, Tim Bartlett sent a letter, as well, as the donated money to Deb & Stew Richie of Native Offerings. Here is the thank you note they wrote back…

“We received your letter and donation. We are utterly stunned and humbled with gratitude. Thank you, everyone, for your tremendous support. How beautiful is a community with such compassion and strength. To say that we appreciate all your efforts would be an understatement.


Our region’s resiliency is built on this foundation. How can any of us weather adversity and tragedy without the support of our communities? It makes us so happy that you care so much about small farms like ours. We have to invest in each other: nourishing, supporting, healing each other and extending that healing to our environment. It is the only way forward.


Thank you a million times over”


-Deb & Stew Richie, Native Offerings Farm



If you would like to help: