The BIG Cheese(s)

What’s better than a great cheese? An award-winning cheese! Good news, lots of champ cheeses are in your Co-op stores!  Hertel Cheese Coordinator Emi looked at the results of two recent competitions and pulled out the winners fresh from victory lane…


American Cheese Society Competition

This year there were 1,954 entries from 259 producers in 5 countries!


Cow’s Milk/Soft Ripened Cheeses

1st Place: Harbison- Jasper Hill, Vermont

(top photo:


Image result for bonne bouche cheese

Goat’s Milk/Soft Ripened Cheese

1st Place: Bonne Bouche- Vermont Creamery, Vermont



Image result for bayley hazen blue

Cow’s Milk/Blue Veined with a Rind

1st Place: Bayley Hazen Blue, Jasper Hill Vermont



Image result for vermont creamery fromage blanc

Cow’s Milk/Fromage Blanc

2nd Place: Fromage Blanc- Vermont Creamery, Vermont



Image result for cypress grove humboldt fog

Goat’s Milk/American Originals

2nd Place: Humboldt Fog- Cypress Grove, California



Image result for belgioioso mozzarella

Fresh Mozzarella (8 oz or more)

2nd Place: BelGioioso Fresh Mozzarella- BelGioioso Cheese Inc, Wisconsin



Image result for cayuga blue cheese

Goat’s Milk/Blue Veined with a Rind

3rd Place: Cayuga Blue- Lively Run Dairy, NY   local!




New York State Fair

The Great State Fair hosted its annual Dairy Products Competition with many of our cheeses again winning awards.

Current Cheddar 1st Place: McCadam  local!

Aged Cheddar 1st Place: McCadam  local!

Super Aged Cheddar Award of Excellence: McCadam  local!

Farmstead/Artisan Cow’s Milk/Hard Cheese Gold: East Hill Creamery   local!



Fluid Milk 2nd Place: Byrne Dairy   local!

Fluid Milk (Small Producer) 1st Place: Ithaca Milk   local!