Hot From Lexi’s Kitchen

Hot From Lexi’s Kitchen

Daily, co-op cooks prepare delicious foods of the highest quality for our community. Our hot bar and salad bar offer an ever changing variety of recipes using the best local, seasonal and organic ingredients, and we are honored that so many of you let us cook for you.

Since 2012, we have kept our price at $7.99lb even with ever-increasing food costs. Our goal is to continue to offer fresh, high quality foods prepared in our stores, which is why this Sunday, February 18 we will increase the price of our Hot Bar and Salad Bar to $8.99lb.

-Tim Bartlett, General Manager

Here are 5 reasons we love Lexi’s Hot Bar and Salad Bar…


1. Made. Right. Here.

When you step up to our Hot Bar, you’re stepping up to some of the freshest foods around. How to we know? Because we make it! Right here in our stores. Everyday.

2. Organic Ingredients

High quality ingredients are what it takes for delicious dishes. Our cooks use 30+ organic ingredients when making our recipes. These include all of our oils, tofu, pasta, oats, rice, flour, sugar, lemon juice, tomato paste and lots more. You can find even more USDA Organic options on our salad bar!

 3. Keepin’ it LOCAL

We support local farms! Our meats are locally sourced, from farms that naturally raise and humanely treat their animals. When in-season we bring in the freshest local produce WNY has to offer. Look for favorites like FreeBird Chicken, Grassland Farms Beef, and Finger Lakes Farms Lamb & Pork.

4. What We’re Cooking

Want to plan your trip to the Co-op? You can view our monthly Hot Bar menu here and see what we are cooking up! You may notice that we have more options available in store. These additional menu items vary between our locations and can change throughout the day.

 5. Steal our Secrets

Eat something you LOVE? Want to make it at home? We love sharing our secrets with you. Just ask for a recipe and we will be happy to get one to you. We know you didn’t ask for these…yet! Here are some of our favorite recipes


We love our hot bar, and judging from how many of you come in every day, we think you do too. And we want to make it even better. Tell us what you think! Email Tim directly at