The Turkeys Are Here!

Turkeys are brought to the Co-op fresh, never frozen. This means that the turkeys never reach a temperature below zero degrees, but are chilled during transport to ensure food safety. Fresh turkeys tend to cook more evenly than frozen birds, plus you skip the time consuming step of thawing.

Turkeys will begin arriving on November 16. You do not have to pre-order your turkey, we will be stocking turkeys of all sizes right through Thanksgiving. All of our birds will still be fresh right through Thanksgiving weekend- if you need a specific size bird, we recommend getting your turkey sooner than later.

The Co-op carries four varieties of turkeys from three great providers:

Plainville Farms- Arriving November 16

Farming healthy, happy turkeys for more than 200 years, Plainville Farms is a network of 60 family owned farms throughout the northeast. All the birds are raised naturally on vegetarian diets, with plenty of access to fresh water, ample space to roam, and protection from the weather. Plainville’s organic turkeys are raised on a Non-GMO diet and are free-range. Plainville’s birds are generally sold within 300 miles of where they are raised. The largest of Plainville’s turkey farms in located near Syracuse, NY in Baldwinsville. Plainville’s turkeys are all gluten-free!

Plainville Turkeys: $1.99/lb Plainville Turkey Organic: $3.79/lb


Wendel’s- Arriving November 20

You cannot get more local than just 40 miles from the Co-op! Wendel’s has been raising turkeys since 1945 on their generational family farm. All of their birds are vegetarian fed and raised on the barn floor. The barns have plenty of access to water and are well ventilated. Barn raising the birds protects them from weather and the potential for avian illnesses that can be contracted from birds flying overhead. Wendel’s turkeys are processed using fresh water with no preservatives or self-basting oils added.

Wendel’s Turkey: $2.99/lb


Stonewood- Arriving November 16

Established in 1976, Stonewood has always been a family run farm in the Vermont countryside. The turkeys are housed on 1,000 acres, inside barns with plenty of ventilation. The birds are all slow-raised on vegetarian diets. Stonewood Farm is also home to a USDA processing plant. Having the plant located on the farm eliminates the need for transporting the birds and greatly reduces the stress associated with transport for the birds as well as prevents weight loss in transport.

Stonewood Turkey: $3.49/lb