Local Matters Most: Byler’s Eggs

Byler Family farm expanded. They built a new barn. They fenced in more than 8 acres of land. They owned 3000 birds. They were brought under contract by a large egg wholesaler and the family was packing out more than 1,700 dozen eggs every week. Business was great!

Then, after just two months of business the wholesaler breached the contract and dropped the Byler Family Farm. By then the family was producing more than 240 dozen eggs each day. It was then that owner, John Byler reached out to Your Local Produce Connection, based in Cuba, NY. YLPC works to connect rural farms, often in Amish or Mennonite communities, with stores throughout the region.

In his letter to YLPC, John Byler jokes about the amount of eggs his family amasses each morning, “Now what do we do? Have fried chicken or eggs piled up?” before turning serious, “We can’t do that. Where does our livelihood go?” The letter signs off with the names of the Bylers including their 10 children ranging in age from 21-1.5 years old (plus a hand print outline of the youngest, Hannah).

Working through its mission, Your Local Produce Connection has worked with the Byler Family to bring their eggs to the Lexington Co-op!

The birds on the Byler Family Farm are pasture raised and hand fed twice a day. They have implemented roll away nest boxes, which allows the eggs to be “rolled away” as soon as they are laid to keep them safe and clean. Once collected, again by hand, the eggs are stored in a refrigerated room and kept at a temperature below 45 degrees. With the help of YLPC the Byler Farm has become USDA certified organic, and USDA certified cage free!


Since bringing Byler’s Eggs to the Co-op, we have sold around 100 dozen each week- and they are steadily gaining in popularity. Look for them in both locations.