BIG Deals for the BIG Game

These deals are reason for excessive celebration- and they’re for everyone! Get them while supplies last from Friday-Sunday

  • Muir Glen Tomatoes 14.5 oz: 5/$5 reg $2.19 ea
  • Pirate Booty 10 oz Bag: $3.99 reg $6.99
  • Nancy’s Organic Sour Cream 8 oz: 2/$3 reg $1.99 ea
  • Pineapples: $1.99 reg $2.99
  • Lexi’s Housemade Guacamole: $6.99/ lb reg $9.99/ lb
  • Poland Springs Sparking Water 33.8oz: 2/$1.50 reg $1.29 ea


Don’t have a game plan? Don’t worry! We have you covered from kickoff all the way through the raising of the Lombardi. Here is what we will be snacking on this Sunday:


Chili. So easy. Grab a quart of Lexi’s Chili, warm it up, and pass out the bowls. Can you think of an easier way to feed a crowd? We can’t. If you want to make your own, we recommend this turkey and sweet potato chili.

Dips. Just pop the top on these Lexi’s insta-apps and watch the crowd go wild. Try Lexi’s Sweet Onion Dip, Smoked Gouda Spread, or Grinch Dip

BIG Pretzels. Crackers are so 2016. We’re using these giant BreadHive pretzels to shovel Lexi’s Salsa, Victory Cheese Dips, Lexi’s Black Bean Hummus, and Lexi’s Spinach Artichoke Dip into our mouths. If you prefer a little throwback at your party Back to Nature Whole Wheat Harvest Crackers will also get the job done.



Guacamole. Ok, this is technically a dip- but it is such a staple it deserves a number of its own! Grab some of Lexi’s guac or whip it up yourself.  Extra avocados? Use ‘em to top your chili

Lexi’s Chicken Finger Pizza. Crunchy chicken tenders on a bed of blue cheese, mozzarella, and Frank’s Hot Sauce. This all new party pizza is an easy app or perfect main course. Look for more party pizza varieties in Grab & Go. 


Cheese. Get your hands on a game-ready Cheese Spread or choose from our selection to make the perfect platter. Add Volpi Salami and 34 Degree Crackers for a real crowd pleaser.


Buffalo Tofu Nuggets. We know you love these saucy little nuggets so we put them on a platter complete with celery and carrots so you can share with your family and friends. Not your thing? We also have wings!

Cookie Cake. All dressed up and ready for a football party, Lexi’s cookie cakes are as delicious as they are festive. Light fluffy frosting atop a chocolate chunk packed cake will make you think twice before putting this out to share!

Beer.  Football was invented so we could sit on the couch with friends and enjoy an ice cold beer…we think. Pop the top on a local Genesee Bock- this full flavored beer has a slightly malty finish. Pairs great with Hail Marys, endzone dances, and commercials that you actually want to watch.