2017 Food Trends

What are you eating in 2017? Is it on trend? Well if you’re reading this munching on kale, the answer is no! Here are some of the food trends you can look forward to this coming year…


1. Ancient Grains

Millet, spelt, amaranth, quinoa, and other ancient grains will start popping up on ingredient lists for breads and savory desserts. These minimally processed whole grains are known to be high in fiber and iron, plus many are gluten free! See how you can start incorporating these unique grains into your meals now…


2. Fermented Foods

We’re talking about pickles, kombucha, and kimchi among others. Fermented foods are loaded with a good bacteria that promotes gut health. This bacteria hangs out in your stomach and assists in breaking down fibers and starches while crowding out bacteria that makes you sick. Learn more about fermented foods here.


3. Coconut Products

Coconut is going to be the new sea salt- it’s about to be everywhere and in everything. Coconut water will continue to be popular and cooking with coconut oil, butter, and sugar will be on the rise.


4. Bone Broth

This product is a beneficial post-workout drink that can help to reduce inflammation, rebuild collagen, and eliminate cravings. Don’t think you have to be an athlete to reap the benefits of bone broth- everyone is jumping on this trend! Combine two trends with this coconut milk and bone broth latte.


5. Cauliflower

Soon to be the arch nemesis of kale, cauliflower is taking the top veggie spot because of its versatility and high vitamin content. Look for cauliflower to stand in for starches in dough and riced cauliflower to be a hot item this year.


6. Sour Beer

2016 saw a rise in the popularity of sour beer and they aren’t going anywhere! Fruity sour beers are a flavorful and refreshing option that pair well with salads, desserts, and other light meals. Learn more about them here.


7. Purple Veggies

The purple color often indicates the veggie being packed with more nutrients and antioxidants than their traditionally colored counterparts. (Bonus: these veggies look great on Instagram!) Look for purple asparagus, artichokes, cauliflower, peppers, and more…