The Grape Beyond

The co-op has been filling and refilling our local grapes- it seems you can’t get enough of these flavorful little guys! Our local grapes come from Erdle Farm in Silver Creek, NY. As the harvest rolls on there are a number of delicious varieties available, here is a quick guide to some of the grapes you may find in store…


Vanessa Grapes

Color: Brick reddish

Flavor: Mild, fruity, berry taste

How were eating them: A dessert grape, we’re pairing this one with our favorite snacking cheese


Neptune Grapes

Color: Yellow-green

Flavor: mild and fruity

How were eating them: By the handful! These guys make an excellent snack.


Mars Grapes

Color: Blue/Black

Flavor: grape-y flavor

How were eating them: A few days after they are picked. Acid in these grapes needs time to settle to bring out its best flavor.


Jupiter Grapes

Color: Red/Blue

Flavor: very mild grape flavor

How were eating them: Another great snack variety, savor the flavor by popping them plain!


Somerset Grapes

Color: Rosy-purple

Flavor: Strong sweet taste that many compare to strawberries

How were eating them: With pecans and apples in a chicken salad.


Himrod Grapes

Color: Vibrant green

Flavor: Sweet and tart

How were eating them: In a fruit salad with blueberries, cherry tomatoes, nectarine, and a little balsamic glaze


Thomcord Grapes

Color: Dark blue/purple

Flavor: Strong grape-y flavor

How were eating them: On sourdough with this great Sourdough Focaccia recipe