Visit Us at the Elmwood Festival of the Arts!

We are excited to once again participate in the Elmwood Festival of the Arts from August 27-29! This vibrant celebration brings together the people and businesses that make the Elmwood Village a great place to work and play. Once again we will be setting up our pop-up tent outside the store to offer customers and festival go-ers the opportunity to grab some Lexington Co-op favorites.

Our tent will be right outside our store for the duration of the Festival serving up an entire meal for $6 as well as fresh fruit, pizza by the slice, brownies, blueberry bars, and ice cold drinks!

Lets break down our menu….


The Pizzas! Only $3 per slice.

Buffalo Chicken. If you need a little spice in life and love living in the 716 then we have the pizza for you! Our Buffalo Chicken Pizza puts roasted chicken breast with red bell peppers over top of mozzarella, cheddar, and blue cheeses. It wouldn’t be a Buffalo pizza without some Frank’s Hot Sauce.

Four Cheese. You will smile and say cheese when you take a bite out of this Lexi’s Kitchen Classic! Roma tomatoes and basil pesto are smothered in Asiago, mozzarella, Parmesan and Romano cheeses.  Not only delicious, but vegetarian!

Roasted Veggie and Hummus. The rookie of the bunch is looking to make a splash in its EFA debut! All your favorite veggies like zucchini, mushrooms, carrots, corn, eggplant, and red peppers will be grilled to perfection and laid atop garlic hummus on spelt dough. Not only does the newbie pack in flavor- it’s vegan!

Elmwood Fsetival

Cold (and Hot) Drinks. $1 each.

Sanpelligrino. The sparking blood orange, lemon, and, grapefruit flavors of Sanpelligrino will provide instant refreshment as you wander the Festival.

Honest Tea. You can never go wrong with the classic cool taste of an iced tea! Peach tea, green tea, and lemon tea will be available outside.

Coffee. Served both hot and ice cold our Equal Exchange, Fair Trade coffee will give you the caffeine boost you need to power through the rest of the Festival.


Snack Attack! $1 each.

Brownies. Lexi’s Kitchen will be baking up batches of delicious fudge brownies. The amount of chocolate-y goodness packed into these guys will have you leaving the Festival with more than one.

Blueberry Bars. A new seasonal creation from Lexi’s Kitchen, these blueberry bars taste just like summer. Using fresh, local blueberries with a great crumbly topping is the mix of fresh and sweet you have been craving.

blueberry barrr

Freshen Up! $0.50 each.

Apples. Grown locally at Dan Tower Farm in Youngstown, NY there is nothing better than biting into a fresh crisp apple.

Peaches. Also, grown at Dan Tower Farm these peaches are the shining star of local season in WNY.


Here’s some math as to how you can get a great meal for just $6 this weekend at the Festival…

$3 pizza + $1 drink + $1 brownie/blueberry bar + $0.50 apple + $0.50 peach = $6

What’s better than the price is you know that your meal is full of fresh, local products and made with love by the incredible chefs and bakers in Lexi’s Kitchen.


While you are walking through the Festival make sure a stop at the co-op is part of your day. Stop inside to see us- where we will have sandwiches and wraps on the hot bar, ice cold water, ice cream, candy, chips, more fresh fruit- and of course air conditioning and clean bathrooms! We hope to see all our friends and neighbors out celebrating this weekend!


PS. Remind your friends and family that the co-op is open to everyone!


PSS. Due to the Festival our parking lot will be closed beginning at 1:30pm on Friday, August 26 and will remain closed until 7:00pm on Sunday, August 28. Elmwood will be closed as well so please be prepared for altered traffic and parking. We are still open as usual and of course would love to help you carry out if needed!