Dinner & A Movie

Tampopo: Ramen Bowls
The Big Night: Squash Risotto

Risotto is made with arborio rice – get it in the bulk section.

Ratatouille: Ratatouille

The kids will be tickled to eat this classic French dish with their favorite chef. Roasted Ratatouille couldn’t be easier!

Julie and Julia: Beef Bourguignonne Pot Pie

Pair it with a simple salad. You won’t need anything more.

Chef: Cubanos

The classic combo of ham and cheese with a Cuban flare. Use a fresh ciabatta loaf.

Burnt: DIY!

Get a fancy pants recipe from burntmovie.com, or make it dead easy with a chocolate mousse from Lexi’s Kitchen.


Photo credits: Itami Productions , The Samuel Goldwyn Company, Walt Disney Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Open Road Films, The Weinstein Company