Great meats from Lexi’s Kitchen!

Lexi’s chefs cook up a mean meatball and make beautiful roast chickens. Part of what makes their dishes so great is the quality of the meats coming from local farms for the hot bar and all of Lexi’s Kitchen’s prepared foods.

Chicken comes from FreeBird Chicken, a company of  family farms in Pennsylvania. The chicken contains no hormones or antibiotics, birds are vegetarian-fed and raised in cage-free barns.

Beef is sourced from two farms, Autumn’s Harvest Farm in Romulus, NY, and Rosenkrans Farm in Seneca Falls. All of the beef if grass-fed and pastured with no hormones or antibiotics.

Pork also comes from Autumn’s Harvest Farm. The heritage breed pork is free of antibiotics, and raised outdoors year-round.

Sausage is by Buffalo’s own Mineo and Sapio (just a few blocks away!) or Wardynski’s Meats. Their products are all natural – that means no antibiotics, nitrates or preservatives.

Turkeys are from Plainville Farms, a group of family farms in Southern New York and Northern Pennsylvania Amish country. Turkeys are raised in barns, and are antibiotic free and vegetarian fed.

Lamb is from White Clover Sheep Farm in Rushville, NY. White Clover raises their flock completely on pasture. All meat is grass-fed, and antibiotic and hormone free.

The co-op loves supporting local farmers who are using sustainable practices to produce delicious, wholesome meats!

Bonus! All tofu and tempeh are also local! Lexi’s Kitchen uses organic tempeh from Soy Boy in Rochester, NY, and organic tofu from Ithaca Soy.