Menu for the Future Discussion Course!

This summer we’re cosponsoring a discussion group called Menu for the Future – participants will read a great collection of writings and meet weekly to talk about what they are learning and thinking about. From the Northwest Earth Institute, who created the course:

Over the last century, the way we grow, harvest, transport, and consume food has changed significantly. It’s easy to overlook the impact this process has on our environment. Menu for the Future from the Northwest Earth Institute helps you explore the connection between food and sustainability. Participants learn more about the many cultural, social, and ecological implications of what we eat and discuss the importance of our eating habits.

Learn how to make a positive difference and impact on our earth and your health

  • Explore food systems and their impacts on culture, society & ecology.
  • Discuss the importance of our eating habits.
  • Discover healthful food choices that support sustainable food systems.

Participants read each week’s material (which may include brief articles, book excerpts and/or links to online content) on their own. During each session, group members take turns facilitating by leading others through discussion questions provided in the course book.

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Register here. $30/person includes a MFTF discussion book and six discussions. Light refreshments will be offered.

Questions? Miranda at 882-0391 or