Recalls & Strikes

Boy, it has been a busy several weeks in food industry! We’ve seen several recalls notices come through, and learned of a strike by workers at one of the largest berry producers in the country. Here’s the news:


4/10 UPDATE: Sabra Hummus has recalled batches of their “Classic” hummus in different sizes. It has come to our attention that the Co-op may have sold this variety of hummus batch number: 040822011143 / 300067   Sabra Classic Hummus 10 oz, batch number 3 059 Best Before 2015 May 11 and Batch number 3 060 Best Before 2015 May 15

If you did buy any of this hummus at the Co-op please call or stop in- we will refund you in full.  Info available here.

Frontier Naturals issued a recall on batches of their powdered garlic and a handful of products that contain powdered garlic. The co-op carried a few of these products. Please visit Frontier’s website for details, check your pantry, and return or discard any recalled product.

Amy’s Kitchen & Rising Moon Organics both recalled certain products containing spinach. The Co-op did not carry any batches included in the recall. Read more from Amy’s and Rising Moon.

Strawberry Strike

It has come to our attention that some berries sourced from Baja California, Mexico may be grown and harvested under poor working conditions and for low wages. This may involve various vendors, although Driscoll’s has been called into question. We are currently monitoring the situation and are working with our distributors, when possible, to offer berries grown in places other than Mexico.

What will we do?

  • Our purchasing department will continue to monitor the situation in Mexico.
  • We will offer full disclosure to shoppers in our store and on our website so they can make educated decisions about the food they buy.
  • We will continue to sell fresh strawberries, and when possible, choose berries grown in California over Mexico

Our Boycott Policy

The Co-op doesn’t participate in boycotts. Because we serve a diverse customer base and our owners and shoppers represent opinions on all sides of any issue, we believe that we can best serve our community by providing foods that meet their needs. We absolutely encourage our customers to vote with their dollars by supporting those companies they like and believe in. When (for any reason) products don’t sell, we stop carrying them. With limited shelf space, we want to offer as many of the products our customers are looking for as possible.

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