Thank you, George.

Since 2010, co-op customers have enjoyed fresh local goat’s milk from Castle Farm in the dairy case. In the cheese aisle, there were basket cheeses and a farmer’s cheese made by the same folks. Those folks behind the goats are George and Pat Castle, a retired couple just down the thruway in Irving, NY. Early this month, we learned the sad news that George Castle passed away. We’re so sorry for Pat and the Castle family.

Working with the Castles over the years was a pleasure. George often brought the spring kids (baby goats) to visit the store when making deliveries, and Pat joined us in the store to offer cheese samples during Owner Appreciation Days. Castle Farm has now stopped production of goat’s milk products. For those of you looking for goat’s milk, we’ve brought in a new product through a distributor. We’re grateful for George and his work; for providing the Co-op’s customers with a fresh, local product with a smile! Thanks George, you’ll be missed.