Co-op Gifting

Happy Holidays! 

Our annual list  for easy, tasty Co-op gifts.

Chocolate  Lexi’s Ancho Chili Chocolate Bark is sweet, spicy, chock full of toasted nuts and topped with a sprinkle of salt. Lexi’s Matzo Bark is just as good, with dark and white chocolate drizzle with dried cranberries and orange peel. Another classic is the Chocolove Sea Salt and Almond Bar. It’s official – this bar was the precursor to everything having sea salt and almond!

Co-op T-shirts/Gift Cards/Pint Glasses/Gift memberships

Maple Syrup  This one always makes the list. It’s delicious, a unique regional crop, beloved by all, and comes in a handy jug that’s great for wrapping a bow around. Grab a bottle for your boss, or a half gallon for your brother and sister in law.

Coffee  We love when a guest brings us a bag of well roasted, small farmer grown coffee. The Co-op has a great selection from Equal Exchange and Gimme from Ithaca. Get it in the bulk area now.

Cheese Boards  Lexi’s boards feature festive cheeses like Chipotle Cranberry Cheddar, Belletoile Brie, Havarti Dill and my personal favorite – Spanish Manchego. Plus, dried fruits and nuts. They taste fantastic, and look amazing. Perfect to take to your weekend holiday parties or to the office.

Festive Brews   DeMunck’s Holiday Cider.  Ommegang Tasting Gift Pack. Bell’s Winter White Ale.  Hibernation Ale.