Co-op Gifting

Happy Holidays! 

Our annual list  for easy, tasty Co-op gifts.

Chocolate¬†¬†Lexi’s Ancho Chili Chocolate Bark is sweet, spicy, chock full of toasted nuts and topped with a sprinkle of salt. Lexi’s Matzo Bark is just as good, with dark and white chocolate drizzle with dried cranberries and orange peel.¬†Another classic is the Chocolove Sea Salt and Almond Bar. It’s official – this bar was the precursor to everything having sea salt and almond!

Co-op T-shirts/Gift Cards/Pint Glasses/Gift memberships

Maple Syrup¬† This one always makes the list. It’s delicious, a unique regional crop, beloved by all, and comes in a handy jug that’s great for wrapping a bow around. Grab a bottle for your boss, or a half gallon for your brother and sister in law.

Coffee  We love when a guest brings us a bag of well roasted, small farmer grown coffee. The Co-op has a great selection from Equal Exchange and Gimme from Ithaca. Get it in the bulk area now.

Cheese Boards¬†¬†Lexi’s boards feature festive cheeses like Chipotle Cranberry Cheddar, Belletoile Brie, Havarti Dill and my personal favorite – Spanish Manchego. Plus, dried fruits and nuts. They taste fantastic, and look amazing. Perfect to take to your weekend holiday parties or to the office.

Festive Brews¬†¬†¬†DeMunck’s Holiday Cider. ¬†Ommegang Tasting Gift Pack. Bell’s Winter White Ale.¬† Hibernation Ale.¬†