Handmade Pies, Local Ingredients

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We’re proud of our pies! Lexi’s bakers make each pie crust from scratch, hand shape them, and fill them up with tasty, whole ingredients. Organic flour and sugar in our crusts. Organic sugar, Dan Tower Farm apples, Bittner-Singer Orchards‘ tart cherries, or fresh eggs and plump pecans filling them up. These pies don’t mess around.

  • Dutch Apple Dan Tower’s apples under mounds of perfect streusel topping – maybe our most beloved pie!
  • Pumpkin  Classic and creamy, the perfect finale to turkey dinner. We have traditional pumpkin and vegan pumpkin pies baked in one of these beautiful crusts.
  • Rich Pecan  Buttery pecans, fresh eggs and vanilla (no corn syrup in these pies!) bake up into toothsome, rich goodness in a pastry shell.
  • Local Cherry  Singer Farm’s summer cherries are snug inside a flaky, handmade lattice topped pie shell with tart cherry juice -these are some of our most beautiful pies ever!

Pies start at $13.99 for a 9” pumpkin, $15.99 for other varieties. Just $7.99 for a 6″ pie!  Vegan varieties are available.