We’re Talkin’ Turkey

Fresh Turkeys at the Co-op – Never Frozen! 

We have a great turkey selection coming in starting November 19th after 2 pm

  • No need to pre-order, just come in and pick out a fresh bird from our cases.
  • Lots of birds to choose from, all sizes from 10- 30 pounds.
  • ALL of our turkeys are humanely raised in well ventilated barns. Vegetarian fed. No antibiotics, preservatives, nitrates or hormones.  


Plainville Farms-  Local & all natural!

Featured at our tasting on Nov 22  from 11-2          $1.99 lb   raised in New York and Pennsylvania.   Available Wed Nov 19- after 2pm


Plainville Farms Organic

Organic grain fed in Pennsylvania and New York,  available Wednesday Nov 19       $3.99 lb


Wendel Farms      Local  & super fresh! 

East Concord, NY – available Monday, Nov 24 – after 2 pm    $2.69 lb


Stonewood Farm      18yr Co-op Favorite

Vermont- available Wednesday Nov 19       $3.29


Stop by our Thanksgiving Tastings!

Vegetarian – Sat Nov 15th    12-2pm
Traditional – Sat Nov 22nd  11-2pm