Apple Season!

It’s apple season! For the next few months, we’ll be happily stacking newly ripe varieties of apples just about weekly. Our local apples come from Dan Tower Farm in Youngstown – Dan has been a longtime partner of the Co-op, providing us with crisp, juicy apples for years. Read more about the farm and how to best use our local apple varieties below.

Dan tower farm 2   DAn Tower apple tree

Dan Tower Farm 

Youngstown, NY – just 34 miles away!

Who? Dan and Iris Tower, their family & crew. Meet them Saturday mornings at the Elmwood Bidwell Market.

The Farm: Dan Tower’s 200 acres have been in the family for five generations. He grows a wide variety of stone fruit (cherries, peaches, plums, apricots!), berries, and our favorite: apples!

How do they grow? The farm practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM), an environmentally sensitive approach to pest management.

Co-op Favorite: Honeycrisp! Crispin! Co-opers love the sweet burst of Honeycrisps and the crunchy, tart-sweet green Crispins.

Apple chart

Happy eating!