Peachy Keen

Things are peachy at the Co-op lately. The local peaches always arrive with a big thud – the thud of dozens of bushels of tangy orange fruit arriving in our produce department. One day we’re anxiously awaiting their arrival, the next day our produce crew is building a peach tower.

We’ve been compiling great looking sweet and savory recipes for enjoying this harvest.

Dan and Iris on the farm

Dan and Iris at the farm

The Co-op’s peaches come from Dan Tower Farm in Youngstown, NY. Dan and his wife Iris, with their family and crew, are regular fruit whisperers – they grow everything from cherries, to plums and peaches, to the bins upon bins of apples we provide at the co-op all year round.

Peach Picker 11.11

Picking peaches at Dan Tower Farm

There’s something special about the fleeting nature of peach season. It makes the already incredible flavor seem that much better. Lucky for us, we’re just at the beginning of the harvest. Peaches are usually available into September.

Let us know if you make something great. Happy eating!