Menu: Memorial Day

Memorial Day is this weekend!  The annual summer kickoff celebration is right around the corner. Next Monday is the picnic-iest day of the year.

What we think you should do and eat before Tuesday:

  • Grill Wardynski’s Hot Dogs (local!)  Locally made and free of nitrates, preservatives and gluten. These puppies (piggies?) are on sale for owners, 4 bucks a pack.
  • Get your garden squared away.  It should be safe to keep plants outdoors from now through summer. We have loads of annuals for the yard, and veggie plants. If you’re looking for more vegetable varieties, or diehard gardener’s supplies, check out Urban Roots Cooperative Garden Center.
  • Eat corn on the cob  Our produce department is sporting bushels of sweet, fresh Florida corn! (Owners: 3 for a buck!)
  • Make fruit flower blossoms while the kids are home from school!
  • Pick up Lexi’s Macaroni Salad  Just like grandma’s – organic elbow pasta, and chopped carrots, celery and onions in a creamy mayo dressing. Lexi loves you!
  • Make German Potato Salad Vinegar-dressed potato salad with bits of baconget cookin’.
  • Dessert: Lexi’s Cherry Pie   No corn syrup here! Local Singer Farm cherries, organic sugar and a shot of Singer’s tart cherry juice take our cherry pie from pretty-darn-good to totally incredible. It’s so good, it’s our staff pick!