Check Out the Progress!


  Just a few months ago we were looking at a very large hole in the wall…now we have an addition that is almost complete! We are anxiously awaiting the completion of construction so we can get the keys and start makin’ the place our own! Don’t forget, if there is anything you want to…

Wall, Wall, Wall, Look What We’ve Got Here!


Take a look at the progress that is being made on the addition at 1678 Hertel Ave. This addition will soon house Lexi’s Kitchen. January 5, 2017   January 10, 2017

Construction Continues


Here are some quick shots of what our soon-to-be store on Hertel is lookin’ like these days. Construction has been continuing in the cold and snow and to sum up the latest progress we think one word says it all: scaffolding- and lots of it as the wall for our new addition begins to be…